Nothing hints at a new product! Know what new teaser is hinting at

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Are you waiting for Nothing Phone 2 or Nothing ear 2? Well, the launch of any one of them or maybe of a new product will happen soon in India. Nothing has shared a small clip on its official Twitter handle showing a black beetle and has asked people to like the tweet if they want details regarding what is coming. “Beetle incoming. Like this tweet if you want a sneak peek of what’s coming next,” the tweet read. The company has also updated its main website with the same beetle promotions as on Twitter saying “coming soon”.

Nothing on March 2 had teased the beetle with an image saying that the ladybug is out and a beetle is in. Soon after the tweet, people started guessing what the product could be. One of the Twitter users named Shazzam commented, “A product with lot of bugs ?” To which Nothing replied with a screenshot, “Is a Beetle a bug or an insect? By definition, a beetle is an insect that has four wings of which the outer pair are modified into stiff elytra that protect the inner flight pair, which are folded underneath when at rest”.

Here are some of the other comments:

1. “Nothing phone 1 (2 cameras) – parrot (2 wings)

Nothing phone 2 (? cameras) – beetle (4 wings)

So, is it gonna be 4 cameras?”

2. “nothing ringtone Collab with the beatles”. Replying to this Nothing said, “we all live in a transparent submarine.”

3. “I hope for a smartwatch but I’m scared it’s gonna be earphone or a headphone.”

4. “By seeing this trailer from nothing, I understand that something is coming from nothing,but I also don’t know nothing about the product. Hence I expect to see something from nothing in near future.”

5. “my sources tell me the product will have some transparent parts.”

Nothing has been very creative when it comes to posting teasers for its new products like it did during Nothing Ear 1 and Nothing Phone 1 launches. It can be known that while promoting Ear 1, Nothing used a ladybug alongside it. Hence by the current teaser, it can be possible that the company is hinting towards the launch of Ear 2. According to leaks and reports, the Nothing Ear 2 is likely to get a similar design as that of Ear 1.

Meanwhile, Nothing is also expected to come up with Phone 2. The company’s CEO Carl Pei has already revealed that Nothing Phone 2 will be launching in the US later this year. The timeline for the phone’s launch in India is still not known. Now all that we can do is wait for Nothing to tweet a new update!

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