Huawei tech can generate dynamic user avatars based on actions

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Huawei is world-renowned when it comes to camera technologies and a recent patent tech has caught my eye because of its unique phone camera design and replacement capability.

According to the information, there is a new patent for electronic devices and their casing of decorations as well as covers. However, it directly aims at the camera module and customizations.

Here’s the abstract of this patent, which presents an application that relates to the field of device technology and discloses an electronic device, a cover decoration, and a rear cover itself.

Before we look into the details of the action, let’s check the key parts, for that you need to look into the graphical representation (below). These are marked with both text and numbers.

Huawei phone camera replacement intragadgets

The casing decoration (10), internal decoration (11), and decoration (11) include a sealing part (111), and the sealing part (111) is used for sealing and attaching to the internal surface of the casing (20) so that the rear part of the inner trim and (11) is sealed state relative to the outer shell (20). The outer trim (12), and outer trim (12) are arranged on the outer side of the outer cover (20), while the outer trim (12) is detachably connected to the interior components (11).

Now jump to the compound of these parts and how they help the end user to customize the Huawei smartphone camera.

You get to change the aesthetics of the smartphone. Meanwhile, the user needs to replace the exterior accessory of the phone, which is detachable and improves the user experience by making it easy to replace.

Since it is not necessary to detach the housing of the main camera module, the additional equipment or accessory cover of the outer camera could ensure air tightness.

This phone camera replacement technology patent reflects the experiment of Huawei with its gadgets. This could provide easy portability by adding extra customization. Also making a place for additional capabilities such as a better lens and zoom.

For now, we’ve not heard anything about the implementation of such tech in smartphones but we’re here to give you a follow-up.

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