5 asteroids, one a 734-foot monster, zooming towards Earth; NASA reveals list

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After a long time, the Earth is enjoying a bit of a rest from asteroids. Dangerous asteroids have been passing the Earth every single day, including a gigantic 1500-foot wide asteroid which made a close flyby on Tuesday. But this period of quiet is sadly very short-lived as more asteroids are gearing up to make close approaches towards our planet. Among them, the scariest is a 734-foot wide asteroid which will come extremely close to the Earth, as per NASA. Let us take a closer look at how the space around the Earth looks like for the next few days and which asteroids are going to give us a worrying time.

Ten asteroids which are gunning for the Earth

1. Tomorrow, February 25, a 104-foot wide asteroid named 2023 CG1 will be coming as close as 5.8 million kilometers to the Earth. The asteroid is traveling at the speed of 23328 kilometers per hour. The data for these asteroids comes from NASA Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS).

2. The very next day, on February 26, a 59-foot wide asteroid named 2023 DA will be making its close approach to the Earth. The asteroid is expected to make a flyby at a distance of just 1 million kilometers from our planet. This asteroid is traveling at a mind-numbing speed of 21132 kilometers per hour.

3. On February 27, a 469-foot wide huge asteroid will be coming near our Earth. NASA data reveals that the asteroid will be coming as close as 4.8 million kilometers to our planet. It is traveling at the speed of 55944 kilometers per hour.

4. On February 28, a 475-foot wide asteroid called 2006 BE55 will be heading towards the Earth. The asteroid will come roughly around 3.5 million kilometers to the Earth. The asteroid is moving at a speed of 47936 kilometers per hour.

5. Finally, on March 3, a humongous 734-foot asteroid named 2007 ED125 will be coming close to the Earth. It will come as close as 4.4 million kilometers to the Earth. The asteroid is traveling at a scary speed of 47032 kilometers per hour.

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